About Us

I fell in love with traveling and cruising.  That is why I am a travel agent.  I have been in business since 2004.  I travel and cruise several times a year.  Visiting different destinations on land or on my floating resort.  That is my passion and desire for all to cruise and travel the world.

I am a full service travel agency serving you to create a custom experience just for you.

We are committed to offering travel services of the highest quality. Our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction has earned us a solid reputation in the travel industry.

We create each travel experience custom designed to your specifications. Saving you time, money, and countless hours of researching online. We use our vast resource network available to us to maximize the vision of your dream vacation. We will get you the best available prices within your budget. Our assistance will leave you free time to focus on the more important things like what to pack.

We plan and book every aspect for your special occasion. We arrange your round trip airfare, train, car rental, accommodations, ground transportation, excursions such as water sports, zip lining, resort and cruise amenities such as spa treatments, points of interests such as foodies, museums and we provide travel insurance to protect you in case of travel delays or interruptions.

Whatever you are planning, such as a destination wedding, group wedding/honeymoon cruise, a weekend bachelor/bachelorette get away party at a resort or on the sea, group tours, a honeymoon, renewal of vows/anniversary celebration with family and friends.

We are a full service travel agency that also plan and book your birthday, graduation celebration, a weekend get away, family vacation, high school or family reunion, or any occasion, celebration on the sea, relaxing at an all inclusive resort or touring the countryside, we will create and book a personalized travel experience just for you.

You can contact me for more information by phone, text or email.

Sandra Scott
Travel Agent
Your Travel Concierge Creating Memorable Moments
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